Chinese mountains are so breathtaking

Best $8 of someone else's money I've ever spent →

I had Brett buy me this wonderful UI Toolkit last week and it’s already saved tons of time with just the shapes alone. I would highly recommend that you grab it.

This cover rules! Good enough to make me post on my tumblog!


Daft Punk ‘Derezzed’ Guitar Cover

“If your boss tells you what to build and you don’t start the project by first determining why — the specific pain point that people are currently experiencing that your product aims to eliminate — you’re a lackey, not a user advocate. Nine times out of ten, understanding the problem changes the solution dramatically.”

Customizing web forms with CSS3 and WebKit - (37signals) →

Really cool way to get your forms looking tip-top. I just wish it wasn’t isolated to webkit!

ABC News - Japan Earthquake: before and after →

Utter devastation. I never understood before how much damage a tsunami could do. Praying for you, Japan.

This demo of Inkpad, by the makers of the Brushes App looks very very powerful. I love how the iPad is beginning to come into it’s own. I could totally see myself using this for real work.

Inkpad Demo (via TaptrixInc)